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How to Stay updated on every news or Article in Any Industry

Do you guys know about Dhruv Rathee?

He is a famous Indian Youtuber.

Wanna know how he stay updated on all the news & articles out there on google?

Follow the steps below & you’ll start getting updates of every industry whether it is Automotive, Business, Travel or Technology. You’ll gain insights of every industry.

Lets take example of Automotive Industry

Step 1: Go to feedspot.com & continue with email & new password.

You’ll be directed to this page

Step2: Just add any website here & click on Continue.

Then you’ll see this page.

Just click on next-next-next.

Step 3: Then you have dashboard like this.

Now below the search bar you can find the categories by which feeds are sorted.

So click on By Profession

You’ll land on this page

Step 4: Then just scroll down.

You’ll find the section called as Automobile Engineer

Then just add all the categories under Automobile Engineer.

Step 5: Then click on the Feedspot logo which is at top left corner on the page.

So here you are. Now you can find all feeds related to Automobile Engineer.

You can do this to get updates on any industry.

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Thank me for this information by sharing this article.

-Uddesh Rangari

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